Monday, June 10, 2013

eLicensing has expanded!

The Department's eLicensing system has added more licenses. Currently you can apply for the following licenses online:

Auto Body
-Auto Body Repair Shops
-Auto Glass
-Auto Salvage and Rebuilders
-Auto Wrecking and Salvage Yards
Board of Accountancy
-Certified Public Accountants and Public Accountants
-Practice Units
Design Professionals
Mobile and Manufactured Home Parks
Franchises, etc.
-Exempt Mutual Funds
-Regulation D Filings
-Franchise Registrations
-Exempt Franchise Registrations
Real Estate
-Real Estate Appraisers
-Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons
-Real Estate Corporations
-Real Estate Education Providers
-Real Estate Out of State Land/Subdivisions
-Manufacturer of Bedding or Upholstered Furniture or Both
-Supply Dealer - Filling Materials Only
-Renovator - Bedding or Upholstery or Both
-Second Hand Furniture or Second Hand Bedding Dealer

This 24-hour service allows for the expedited processing of license transactions, including applications, changes and renewals. Key features include:

User-friendly access with a personal ID and password
Improved processing time by eliminating the need for paper forms
Improved accuracy of licensing information
Verification by licensee and the public-at-large of license status.

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