Friday, December 7, 2012

Consumer Alert: Beware of Fraudulent Lenders and Advance Fee Loan Scams

Beware of fraudulent lenders and advance fee loan scams involving prepaid debit cards. Contact the Division of Banking for more information at 401-462-9503.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

Consumer Alert 2012-3: Hurricane Preparation

The Department has issued Consumer Alert 2012-3: Hurricane Preparation. A copy of this Consumer Alert can be accessed on the Insurance Regulation page of the Department’s website at

Monday, April 16, 2012

DBR Website 2.2: New Features

DBR Website 2.2:  New Features

Welcome back to the updated version of the Department’s website!  We continue to make enhancements to both the look and functionality of our site that we think will make it easier for the citizens of Rhode Island to find the help and information they need.

For this round, we have added social media features such as blogs, twitter, and facebook.  In addition, the Professionals page has been reformatted.

As always, this is only one step in what we will hope will be a continuously improving site and resource for you.  But we will need you input.  Please tell us what you like and don’t like.  Give us your ideas for what you would like to see to make it even more useful.

We look forward to hearing from you and stand by for specific announcements on when the eLicensing feature will be available.

Thank you,

Paul Mcgreevy
Department of Business Regulation

Friday, April 13, 2012

DBR Announces the Implementation of a New Online eLicensing System

Coming Soon!

The Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation (DBR) is pleased to announce we will soon be implementing a new eLicensing System.  The system will provide licensees, registrants and members of the general public with access to online licensing services from the DBR website.  The new eLicensing system will be implemented for the following license types:

·        Appraisers
·        Architects
·        Auctioneers
·        Auto Body, Auto Glass, Auto Wrecking, Salvage Rebuilder
·        Board of Accountancy
·        Landscape Architects
·        Land Surveyors
·        Liquor Control
·        Mobile Home Parks
·        Professional Engineers
·        Racing  - Athletics
·        Real Estate
·        Securities
·        Upholstery

Please check the DBR website for updates on the implementation schedule.


The eLicensing System, a 24-hour service, allows for the expedited processing of license transactions including applications, changes and renewals. 

Key Features:

·        Provides user-friendly access with a personal ID and password.
·        Improves processing time by eliminating the need to submit paper forms, with few exceptions.
·        Improves the accuracy of licensing information.
·        Allows the licensee and the public at-large to verify license status.

For a brief preview of the new system, please click on the following link: eLicensing Overview

Friday, March 16, 2012

New Division of Design Professionals Website Launch

A newly designed website is now available for the Division of Design Professionals ( This new website conforms to the State's standards for website design and is easier to navigate.

Though it has been reviewed, we still welcome any constructive ideas regarding it.